Steve Baskis in his Army Uniform sits behind communications equipment in a Humvee

Specialist Steven C. Baskis successfully completed Infantry training at Fort Benning, Georgia in 2007.  He then went on to deploy with the US Army’s distinguished 4th Infantry Division, a unit that crossed the Normandy beaches in World War II. In 2008 while serving as a Personal Security Specialist in Baghdad, Iraq, Specialist Baskis was severely wounded by an improvised explosive device. May 13th, 2008 marked the day in which Baskis lost his sight and suffered multiple shrapnel injuries to the head, neck, arms and legs which resulted in significant blood loss, hearing loss, loss of smell and nerve damage to left arm.

Steve explains how this traumatic experience has forever changed his sight and vision: “I may have lost my physical ability to see, but I have a new vision, a new perspective to guide me through life and all of it’s amazing challenges.”

After war and debilitating injuries, Steve has gone on to climb 3 of the 7 tallest mountains in the world. The mountains include Mount Elbrus in Europe, Kilimanjaro in Africa and Mount Kosciuszko in Australia. A documentary “High Ground”, captures the amazing journey of Steve and 11 veterans climbing a 20,000 foot Himalayan peak in the shadow of Mount Everest. Another documentary Steve had the opportunity to be featured in called “On Me” follows five completely blind veterans down a stretch of white water river rapids in Montana.

Baskis has found a love for adventure and physical challenge. Actively pursuing half marathons, a half ironman, cycling nearly 800 miles from the capital of Canada to the capital of The United States, snow skiing down cold mountains in Colorado and white water kayaking the Grand Canyon on the mighty Colorado River, are just a few of Steve’s thrilling adventures.

Steve Baskis stands for a photo atop of Mount Iztaccihuatl



On Me Movie Poster

On Me

Follow the touching stories of blinded Veterans as they take on the challenge of kayaking the Yellowstone River.  The organization Team River Runner sets out to put “Butts in Boats” by hosting an annual Outtasight Clinic in Montana.  The clinic brings together veterans  throughout the nation to work together. Blinded veterans learn the basics of rolling and how to tackle the rapids of the river while blind.

Supported by ROI Films and Trusun media, this documentary is sure to educate and inspire of what is possible.  The film is currently free for public viewing.

High Ground Movie Poster

High Ground

Eleven veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan join an expedition to climb the 20,000 foot Himalayan giant Mount Lobuche. With blind adventurer Erik Weihenmayer and a team of Everest summiters as their guides, they set out on an emotional and gripping climb to reach the top in an attempt to heal the emotional and physical wounds of the longest war in U.S. history.

Representing nearly every branch of the military, the veterans, and the Gold Star Mom who joins their trek, bring humor and deep emotion to this hero’s journey all captured with breathtaking, vertigo-inducing cinematography by three-time Emmy® winner, director Michael Brown.

Going Blind Movie Poster

Going Blind

This film tells the stories of everyday people and their heroic efforts they make to live in today’s world with vision loss.  This unique documentary helps to increase public awareness of sight loss and low vision issues profoundly affecting the lives of more and more people around the world.

Peabody award winning Director, Joseph Lovett tells this story with a very personal appeal as he reveals his diagnosis of glaucoma, a disease that robs 4.5 million people worldwide of their vision.

The film is available for screenings and streaming.

Courage in America Book Cover

Courage in America: Warriors With Character

Written by: Michael J. Kerrigan

Seven American warriors tell their stories of tragedy and triumph after suffering traumatic war injuries and re-establishing their lives. Through personal interviews, author Michael Kerrigan shows their courage and spirit as they overcome obstacle after obstacle and navigate successfully toward their recovery. Their stories capture their courage, leadership abilities, and military training to be selfless in battle. It showcases the good character of these young heroes, their caregivers, and families. The stories in this book will motivate the newly injured troops to have hope during their own rehabilitation, and it will give all Americans a better understanding of the sacrifices that so many young men and women have voluntarily made for our country.



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